Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I am not going to be the spoiler of the 2013 Summer, but like all good things come to end at some point. Now it is  time to bring those darker coloured shoes out to welcome the Autumn, when I say out, I do mean, in a well polished, cared manner worthy a  gent. If you did not do that, please be inspired by Dandy Shoe Care. How to accomplished that?
Get inspired by Dandy Shoe Care, see depicted pair below.

Well come back Master Alexander, hope you enjoyed your vacation and thanks for once again reminding us, that well polished shoes do look great and say a more than a million words about the wearer.
A brown brogue Oxford with a punched cap toe, well polished and cared for by Dandy Shoe Care
Photo sourced from Dandy Shoe Care

Alden Norwegian Split toe limited edition

Now it is obvious The Patina designer, artist The Grand Duke of patina is back from his well earned and deserved vacation. I am not a fan of Aldens (USA) shoes, however I have two pairs of Norwegian split toe on Black cordovan and Shell 8 (more dark burgundy). When I saw this transformation from the almost nothing saying colour to the Limited Edition, I was taken back and with a good reason too. A well renditioned patina design and colouring. Well done Grand Duke Of patina.
Alden Limited Edition of a Norwegian split toe processing
Photo(s) sourced from Dandy Shoe Care

Pitti "uniformed" in blue for the Summer

When viewing pictures of men from the Pitti show, you observe very well dressed gents, going about chatting to other gents/ladies, simply doing what they do on a non-working day and having fun and looking very good. Digging into the the photos sourced from The Sartorialist from Pitti two or three years ago, did find these two photos of two different gents, however both opted for "uniform" Summer clothing for the Summer period. What is striking about the uniform is the colour of the suiting, the shirting and the necktie. I could have said same suit, but no. The first gent is in a double breasted suiting with patch pockets, paired with a sky blue large gingham shirting, closing it with a navy blue knitted tie.
The gent below, is in a single breasted suiting, sky blue medium gingham shirting, closing with a navy blue knitted tie. Very interesting, how the colours and patterns were chosen for the day. (Maybe they did call each other before venturing out). How would I know?
Photos sourced from The Sartorialist

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Summer hats from Pitti

Still in the mood of Pitti pairing sun glasses and Summer hats, we have two gents, one in a double breasted jacket, boater hat and sun glasses in a sky blue shirting and a pocket square, looking so elegant. The other photo depicts a gent in a cream suit, single breasted suiting crisp white shirting and a knitted tie and a Summer hat. Both have dashed their clothing so elegantly. However on the second picture I do miss the pocket square.
 Summer fittings with Summer hats.  So cool.
Photos sourced from Eleganza Delgusto
From Pitti I have sampled three-four gents, two in double breasted jackets and two in single breasted single blazer/jacket for the Summer. Now what is unique is that all gents assembled their attire with Summer hats, classical Summer hats and paired them with sun shades. Looking at the pictures each man is unique as how he sets the dash and splash on his wardrobe. Just so inspiring and well done.
The trio in Summer hats and nice shades (sun glasses) so nice neat.
The gent in front of the trio in a white summer jacket, crisp white contrasting shirting and a Summer hat
Photos sourced from Eleganza Delgusto

Monday, 12 August 2013

Imai Hiroki - The Ultimate Summer sandal

Mostly for the Summer men are in loafers, boaters, Belgian shoes, espadrilles (for the beach) very seldom do we see a sandal shoe. For the day I have sampled a very unique sandal shoe from Master Imai Hiroki . The sandal is in to tones, open to let ventilation  pass through when it gets very hot - air condition we could say. 
The design is very unique, so well done and executed, this shoe it's worth any shoe wardrobe. Enjoy it.

Master Imai Hiroki sandal for those very hot days

Photo sourced from Master Imai Hiroki's Facebook Profile

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

GJ Cleverley - Peter in black from the semi bespoke offerings

For the day I have sampled a pair of black quarter brogues with a punched cap toe (Peter) from the GJ Cleverley's "Semi Bespoke" offerings. As you may know the GJ Cleverley house prior to introducing the "Anthony Cleverley" range they had the Bespoke, Semi bespoke and the Bench made ranges. At then the Semi bespoke range consisted of about six styles of shoes, and If I recall correctly all were on the 337 last.

So this year in March I ordered a pair of "Peter" from the "semi bespoke range" and waited for a few months for the shoes to come. Finally they arrived, but I was busy travelling, so I signed off for them and off I went. Fourteen days later before flying out again, needed to look at my newly acquired "boring" black shoes. And surprise, surprise.

First and foremost, the leather is different from my other GJ Cleverley shoes, much better quality, the finishing is quite different, one can note the hand finishing part, the heel is slightly smaller (Cuban heel) compared to the bench made and the sole waist much suppressed, more elegant and slimmer and gives an overall sleek look. The shoes are also lighter. Oh yes, the Peter is not just Peter but Peter version 2, which is not on the 337 last but 348, I pressume, as I have a punched cap toe from 2009 or 2010 which is on that 348 last, I believe it is called Charles. 

Long story short. A great looking shoe, well done and executed and different from my other GJ Cleverley's bench made shoes. One minor thing, the Cleverley's forgot to include the shoe trees, will be calling them before I fly out again tomorrow. I am pleased with this shoe. As you can note, I did some elbow work, not much but a bit and you can see the results. Quite a shoe even a black "boring" punched cap toe shoe can bring so much delight. So what is next? I will be moving from the normal bench made to the semi bespoke range, for the +700 quid, it's worth it.

The Peter-2 from GJ Cleverley house Semi bespoke range
Photos sourced from The Shoe Aristo Cat