Thursday, 24 May 2012

Ivan Crivallero The Shoe Artist

I have been quite for some time, profound apologies for that. Lots of work and no play made me a dull boy. Yes, end of story. I came across Ivan Crivallero by mistake, I was looking for somethings else, when all of a sudden this champion, artist, bespoke shoe maker appears from no where.
Ivan, an Italian bespoke shoemaker, artist, has taken the shoe sole painting to dimensions I have never seen before. How often do we look at the sole? Unless someone is sitting down. I will start looking at the shoe soles from now on...thanks to Mr. Ivan.

Ivan at work

Balmoral brown oxford, with a medallion.....but the sole (soul) Dali himself.....that is 
the sole work.

The above shoe's design, from a birds view of the left shoe
A shoe from a perspective, hmmm.....
The artistic approach of making the gloss on a tassel loafer
Another sole (soul) in an artistic translation. Nice Tan loafer

A painting by itself of the sole, above
Below, another rendition of a sole, not to easily to spot, but does look good
 For a Gent who loves an Aston Martin, then your shoe soles should reflect that. Sounds like new money? Hmmm... not sure. Old money will never go to this length.
Art Deco styled soles
 Inspiration from Japan
 Tartan soled shoes

All photos sourced from the Internet....

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