Sunday, 30 September 2012

Berluti buys bespoke boot/shoemaker Anthony Delos

Berluti bought Anthony Delos bespoke boot and shoemaker from Rosiers-sur-Loire near Angers, France. Rumour has been going on that the two parties were having negotiations of the take over, but as of September 2012, Anthony Delos is part of the Berluti establishment. Story about Berluti acquiring Anthony Delos here
Anthony Delos at work
 A pair of balmoral stitched cap toe oxfords by Master Anthony Delos
Photos sourced from the Internet.

Edward Green shoes for Ralph Lauren

Edward Green of Northampton produced the below pictured balmoral oxford punched cap toe in brown leather and suede for American fashion mogul house, Ralph Lauren. The pair is on the EG 888 last which is a soft square chisel toe. Colour is probably antique dark oak and mink suede. I have seen many balmoral oxfords, but not in this combination. Normally the soft leather (suede) will be at the top of the balmoral stitching. Anyway, very well done by Edward Green for Ralph Lauren.

A brown two toned balmoral oxford by Edward Green for Ralph Lauren
Photos sourced from eBay UK.

Winter overcoats by HRH Prince Phillip - Duke Of Edinburgh

Winter great overcoats as worn by HRH Prince Phillip (The Duke of Edinburgh)

Civilian styled bespoke navy double breasted coat (4 -buttons - 2 working) complimented by a top hat. Note the pocket square elegantly tucked into the overcoat's breast pocket. Nice touch, not to mention those spit shined oxfords.
 The Duke of Edinburgh in full military outfit. Look at that beautiful double breasted Royal Navy Greatcoat, with eight buttons - four functioning). Lovely coat.

Photos sourced from Who Two

Friday, 28 September 2012

G.J. Cleverley - De Rede (tassel loafer)

For the day I have sampled a beautiful loafer made by the well known English bespoke boot and shoemaker house, GJ Cleverley and it is part of their Anthony Cleverley range offerings. The loafer is named De Rede in honour of Baron De Rede a former client of Cleverley's. It's a loafer with a great deal details, the bow and tassel makes this loafer very unique.

The first pictures of the De Rede loafer in pigskin made for Mr. Will Boehlke (A Suitable Wardrobe). I like the rendition of the De Rede loafer in pigskin hide, as the grain texture and the colouring of the hide brings the little artistic details of this loafer out to the world, which otherwise would be taken for granted. Note that Mr. Boehlke opted for a more round toe than the squared (suede version) and the loafer gets a new dimension of beauty. Now I have to mention that Mr. Boehlke is a man/gent obsessed with details, no wonder the pairing of this loafer with the grey socks and trousers makes it so elegant to the viewer and ...... I wish to own a pair. Well done Mr. Boehlke. Thanks for your blog, a source of inspiration and of learning.
Anthony Cleverley range, De Rede loafer in pigskin
Anthony Cleverley, De Rede loafer in dark brown buckskin suede
Photos sourced from A Suitable Wardrobe

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Clematis-Ginza - Japanese Bespoke shoemaker

A bespoke lizard oxford shoe renditioned by Master Clematis-Ginza from Japan. Beautiful work on the hide colouring (tan) and the well made shoe sole. Lovely shoe. Let the shoes speak for themselves.

Same shoe in black colour and the blue sole. Hmmm.... 
The details of the back just amazing.....can see a little splash of brown there..
The blue sole, the topping of the cake
Photos sourced from Clematis-Ginza

Monday, 24 September 2012

Maestro Bestetti - The Green Single Monk

For opening the week, I picked a very special bespoke pair of monks renditioned by Maestro Bestetti, who makes very beautiful masculine shoes with a dash of a Gladiator look & feel splashed with Roman aristocratic refinement and appeal. 
The below depicted monk is very interesting because of the choice of hide and the colour. I simply love the rendition of this single strap monk. 
The Green Single Strap Monk and
the source of the hide
The pattern design, shapeless with no form at all
The hide strapped to the last to give it the form and shape, and now we have a feeling and touch of what the end result will be like
The almost finish product

The details- one 
 The details - two
Photos sourced from Style Forum

Friday, 21 September 2012

Hidden gems - Master Antonio Meccariello Calzoleria shoes

Yesterday I mentioned hidden gems found at Style Forum by Antonio25. In the meantime I did exchange courtesies with Mr. Antonio and found out that there are more hidden pearls, appetite awakening arts of work from him. I received pictures of these "hidden" precious "stones" from Master Antonio today. And I have sampled a few on this blog to let you view, decide and judge the artwork, craftsmanship, energy, dedication and love of the art of shoemaking put into these lovely and beautiful creations of classical, stylish and elegant male shoes. Thanks for the pictures Master Antonio.

Well gents, just to tease your appetite for the weekend....a few pictures from Master Antonio who is based in Italy, and offers his creations in different welting techniques, such as Goodyear, Bentivegna, or Norvegese. My understanding is that he uses good quality premium hide and the shoes are offered at a very competitive and attractive price range. 

Have a pleasant weekend.

A black oxford with a special made cap toe, the decoration's name I am unable to name, but the very squared chisel toe is very elegant. The shoe is well done and can be part of a any classic shoe wardrobe.
 Master Antonio displays craftsmanship work on a winged tip single monk's welt, which is well done and balanced. A beautiful rendition of a medallion on the cap toe and wing tip brogueing. The patina of the shoe is calling for the Autumn season, well done. Country monk? Yes, good to go for the country side and very appealing for the season.
A wing tip Chelsea boot with an antique patina of brown and tan, the shoe last and brogue is similar to the monk above, but the patina on the Chelsea takes a darker shade. I like the proportions of both shoes.
A wing tip Derby with a very squared toe, beautiful patina. 
 A Norwegian Derby with a a massive welt construction and very well done antique patina in dark brown. Well proportioned shoe and very heavy duty.
 Close up of a toe cap showing the welting technique
A beautiful tan coloured Oxford shoe with very interesting decorations. Shoe seems to be a whole cut on a very rounded last and Goodyear welted.
Photos sourced from Master Antonio  his site.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hidden gems from Style Forum 2012 - Mr. Antonio25

It was some time since I last visited Style forum and as I was browsing through the shoe threads and forums when I came across a gent named Antonio25. According to Mr. Antonio25, he has worked for Kiton and Rubinacci, which are both Italian houses offering high-end men's clothing and shoes.  As I was reading through the "shoe damage report" thread, I noted that Mr. Antonio25 showed the below depicted well made shoes each with a very brilliant patina that brought the individual pair to higher grounds of admiration. To my surprise, Mr. Antonio was offering these hand made shoes, patina and all, for less than 500 Euros per pair minus postage and handling. I lost my jaw for a second or two. Why? Hmmm....look at them, these shoes shows that the maker has respect for the craft of bespoke shoemaking, is paying attention to the details, and not to mention that he has also mastered the art of the patina. A discipline for itself.
My favourites: the boot and the punched whole cut oxford. I think Mr. Antonio is just teasing my appetite and I am looking forward to the other dishes to be offered. So in short ....I am a very hungry man and waiting for a reply from Mr. Antonio25. More news on these beauties......and thanks Mr. Antonio25 for sharing these beauties with us at Style forum.
Strapped loafer with a nice shine
 Oxford laced boot with an amazing patina in tan and dark brown, I love the rendition of this boot and colouring.
 A beautiful loafer with a darkened toe
 Side laced oxford in a very beautiful red and black patina. I imagine this patina on a Chelsea boot, wonderful.
 A rendition of a wing tipped oxford in beautiful tan and light brown patina
 A Berlutisque rendition of a stitched apron oxford, the patina is breath taking
 A punched cap toe with a medallion on a burgundy whole cut oxford. Classy.
Photos sourced from Style forum

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Missed a Navy Great Overcoat

About a two months ago I was notified about this great Dutch Navy overcoat and I did not act prudently, and to my dismay I lost this beautiful coat, so majestic, royal, imperial, masculine. It is my understanding that the overcoat was tailored for an officer in the Dutch Navy. Now I can sit here and .....weep like a baby. Indeed a beautiful coat.
Dutch Royal Navy Greatcoat
Photo sourced from Landum Vintage

CarréDucker shoes and boots

About two or three years ago I saw the below pictured boots and shoes from Carré-Ducker (duo Deborah Carré and James Ducker) bespoke boot & shoemakers from England, and I wanted to own these boots and shoes. The duo shoemakers also offer shoemaking classes and are in collaboration with English bespoke tailors Gieves & Hawkes and Stowers bespoke tailors. Simply love the creations below.

An Oxford boot with medallion and oxford shoe with medallion. Lovely.
Two toned Derby boot, the colours black and tan are just wonderful.
A boot in leather and tweed a collaboration between CarréDucker and Stowers.

Photos sourced from Carre-Ducker

Hidetaka Fukaya - Double Monk boots in suede

Shoes of the day, double monk booties by Master Hidetaka Fukaya, also see here.
So simple and elegant double monk boots in suede.

Photos sourced from Ameblo Japan