Friday, 29 June 2012

John Lobb - Double monk

For the day I have sampled the double monk from John Lobb. Enjoy and have a pleasant weekend.
Bespoke double monk with Norwegian welt stitchings
Photos sourced from Tumblr

Summer outfits as seen by Laurence Fellows

When looking at Laurence Fellows illustrations of men in summer outfits from the thirties and forties, you clearly see well dressed men, in stylish, elegant and classic clothing for almost all occasions during the summer.

 The pictures below depict well dressed men from shorts to less formal clothing at the beach or boat clubhouse, be it enjoying a cocktail with friends, colleagues, associates or even business partners or just relaxing and cooling off during the heat of the day. Pictures clearly show that men took a quick look at the mirror before exiting their doors. Hmmm. I lament those days....

I wish men of the day would put a little effort in their appearances and looks, instead of the dreadful, appalling hanging baggy shorts or trousers, showing their under garments, be it briefs or under shirt (tee shirt) in the middle of town. 
Please, appropriate clothing for the occasion and I wish not to see any under garments where not appropriate. 
Pictures sourced from the Internet

Hackett - Summer Inspirations

Hackett summer inspirations to go with those summer lovely elegant and classic shoes.

Photos sourced from Styloko

For the Day - Delos Boots

Anthony Delos is a very unique and bold shoemaker, for the day I picked up the below boot in crocodile and leather, but the colour will make any rock musician red with envy, eh ...not forgetting the Harley Davidson riding guys.  Enjoy and have a pleasant weekend.
Anthony Delos rendition of a biker boot in collaboration with HD Motor Cycles
Photos sourced from Claymoor

Thursday, 28 June 2012

For the day - Pierre Corthay Shoes

The French boot & shoe bespoke shoemakers are one of a kind. For the day I have to mention Mr. Pierre Cortay French Bespoke boot & shoemaker. His renditions of shoes/boots are like products made for a Royal court. His patina and colouring of the shoe hide has no match, some are truly bold but very elegant, tasteful and stylish. They may not be a the preferred cup of tea for some English gents, but...alas they are beautiful, look and judge for yourself.
The "court shoemaker" Mr. Pierre Cortay 
A blue whole cut oxford, wow looking.
 Two tier orange derby, bold but interesting choice of colour
 Red two tier derby
 Three tier Derby in an amazing patina
 A boring Chelsea boot compared to the other shoes above
 A Chukka Boot in a beautiful burgundy brown patina
 A normal brown three tie wing cap toed derby
Pictures sourced from the internet (different sources)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

For the day - Green shoes by Gaziano and Girling

For the day I have sampled two pairs of green coloured shoes as renditioned by the Northampton (England) bespoke boot and shoemaker Gaziano and Girling. Both shoes are from the Made To Order services of G&G.

Below a double monk (Oakham) in racing green leather and green suede.
A balmoral oxford (Kent) in racing green leather and green suede

Pictures sourced from: Bespoke England

For the Summer - A Panama hat (from Ecuador)

A must have accessory for the Summer is a Panama hat. Despite the name, genuine Panama hats are made in Ecuador, and not in Panama. The hats are from fine weaved leaves palm or also known Carludovia palmata. In Ecuador the hats are better known as sombrero de paja toquilla. 

To read more about this magnificent legendary summer hat look for the book; Panama: A legendary Hat

For all true Shoe Aristo Cats, shoe lovers and shoe collectors the Panama hat is a must have for the Summer, so forget about the baseball caps that are seen all over and worn by men of all ages. Let us keep it classic, stylish and elegant when protecting us from the Sun.

A Panama Hats Ad from 1902
An illustration of a Panama hat from Esquire magazine from the 1930's
 Sir W. Churchill holding a Panama hat
President Roosevelt in a Panama hat
 Prince Phillip of England wearing a Panama Hat
Sir Sean Connery in a Panama hat
 Peter O' Toole wearing a Panama Hat

All pictures sourced from the Internet.

Summer inspirations

For the day I have sampled some simple Summer inspirations for your ensemble to compliment your stylish, elegant timeless shoes of the summer.

Cream linen suit to go with the two toned double monks.
 Close up of the shoes, and a bitsy stocking show off
 A patch pocket linen jacket with working cuffs
 Another cream patch pocket Summer jacket
Orange trousers for the Summer paired with a bold checked jacket and a pocket square
 Reddish linen jacket with a flowered pocket square
 Summer bow ties
 Two gents in blue blazers and pocket squares
Photos sourced from Lutum Stilo

Spectator of the day by Gaziano & Girling

For the day, whilst it is Summer, I have sampled a spectator by Gaziano & Girling of England. The spectator (St. Ives) as named by G&G is in vintage oak and ivory suede, made on the G&G round last (GG06). The shoe is a made to order sample.

To complement your G&G spectators, pair them with a cream coloured linen suit, add a Panama hat to the ensemble, then a you will look smashing and dashing for the tropics.
The St. Ives (spectator shoe)

Photos sourced from Bespoke England

Shoe of the day - Gaziano & Girling (Double Monk)

For the day, I have sampled a double monk as renditioned by the duo bespoke boot and shoemakers Gaziano & Girling from Northampton (England). The "Oakham" as named by G&G is a made to order (MTO) double monk, which means you can get it in any colour or hide you wish. Below are a few examples of the Oakham, a very beautiful shoe.
The double monk (Oakham) in Rosewood
 Oakham in plain black
 Oakham in Crocodile
 Two toned Oakham in variations of brown
 Two toned Oakham in black and suede combination
Pictures sourced from Bespoke England

Anthony Delos Bespoke Boot and shoemaker

One can not blog about shoes & not mention Anthony Delos a bespoke boot and shoemaker from France. Mr. Delos a young man in his thirties but with an extensive long experience in the shoe crafting trade. Mr. Delos produces very unique classical, stylish and elegant timeless pieces of foot wear. Enjoy.

The master at work, Mr. Anthony Delos.
A two toned Adelaide, calf and suede
A balmoral oxford
 A two toned balmoral city shoe
 Chelsea boot
 A Crocodile/alligator Chelsea rendition
 A very interesting Derby rendition
 A brown Derby with beautiful patina
 A full brogue
 A Half brogue Oxford
 A spectator
 A whole cut oxford
 A different Ghillie rendition

All pictures sourced from Anthony Delos