Sunday, 31 March 2013

A sea of Alden's - What a collection

As I was browsing cyberspace for more men's shoes and accessories, I noted that someone, somewhere on this continent had a "thing", obsession for Alden shoes. Alden is one of the few shoemaking companies that is still producing good quality shoes in the USA. 

As a humble owner of three pairs of Alden shoes, of which all are the Norwegian split toe Derby, in black cordovan, dark burgundy cordovan and brown suede (similar to the "Cavendish") in Polo suede from Crockett and Jones. As said this gent has 72 (seventy two) pairs of Alden's in all styles and looks in his collection, but what caught my attention was that he has at least eight (8) pairs of the NST (Norwegian split toe), is that an overkill, not to mention 72 pairs of shoes from the same shoemaker. Anyway.. the collection is impressive. Judge yourself.
Impressive collection of Alden's from one man
Photo sourced from Bespoke Makers

Carmina Uetam loafer in three suede colours

As Spring and Summer will come at some point this year, I have been thinking of suede loafers for myself for the Spring/Summer time. Did I earlier mention that I wore down my C and J Cavendish Polo suede tassel loafers? Hmm, just repeating myself. I just noted that there is a shop in Stockholm that sells Carmina shoes. So I may contact them on these Spring/Summer loafers from Carmina.
Carmina "Uetam" loafers in suede, could go for all three but I think will settle with middle (Polo suede like) and the blue suede at the right end.
Photo sourced from Rugged Old Salt

Masculine silhouette for a lady - and very elegant

As a gent, I tend to focus on men's clothing and how we pull the elegant, classic and timeless look for ourselves and to the on lookers. From time to time I encounter photos or see ladies in attire that is for a masculine look (men), however when they add a feminine dash and splash to the masculine silhouette, it is then softened up, fit for a lady, yet masculine. The Lady below pulls the look very elegantly and stylish. Worth an inspiration. Enjoy your Easter.

The Lady below, assembles grey, blue and lavender with such delicacy and refinement. A jacket in grey with a hint of lavender with turn up sleeves, a  matching waistcoat, a light blue shirt and lavender paisley trousers. She pairs the attire with a bow tie which hints lavender and white in pattern, though darker than the lavender colour of the trousers. The pocket square on the jacket has a dash of light blue, fawn (off white) colouring and a lavender colour that matches the colour of the buttons of the jacket and waistcoat. 
She closes the whole attire with a pair of leather gloves in a darker shade of grey than the jacket and waistcoat. Only a feminine touch can pull this look on a masculine attire. So adorable feminine yet masculine. 
 The Lady on the picture pulls the attire in shades of green, the trousers with a Paisley pattern, a darker green coat, tweed I suppose, and then there is a hint of lime green sweater under the jacket. She is holding/carrying a bag which is made of Ostrich hide in light tan colour and finishes (almost) the touch with a whole cut oxford which is either mahogany or cognac in colour. On the handle bar of the bag - a scarf tied around with orange and light grey colours. The orange in the scarf is in harmony with the colour of the shoes and bag. A feminine touch on a masculine attire. Simply great!
Photos sourced from Bespoke Makers

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hatch grain loafers with hand stitched apron and decorated saddle strap

Today I have sampled a very interesting pair of  loafers made of hatch grain (false Russian hide) with a hand stitched apron and decorated saddle strap. The loafer is designed by owner "Bengal-Stripe" aka Mr. Rolf Holzapfel, dubiously honoured member of Style Forum. Bengal-Stripe is amongst the "heavy weights" as a contributor on SF's bespoke shoe forum.

What I understand is, Mr. Holzapfel designed the patterns for the loafer, submitted the patterns to an army of true shoe artisans who then create the shoe product on his ("Bengal-Stripe") behalf . In short, I can say he (Mr. Holzapfel) designed and made the shoe, though the making should not be understood in the literary sense. The loafer is simply stunning, no doubt a very beautiful piece of artwork. 
Wear it in good health "Bengal-Stripe".

Bengal-Stripe designed hatch grain loafer with hand stitched apron and decorated saddle strap.
The pattern design sketches by "Bengal-Stripe"
Saddle strap decoration pattern sketch
The lasting of the loafers on trees
All photos sourced from Style Forum.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Pierre Corthay - Arca Satan Dark Red Derby

Master Pierre Corthay produced the below depicted two tier Derby from his Arca collection named "Arca Satan Dark Red". The patina colouring of this Derby is very special indeed, as it various from black to oxblood and red. The colouring is very well balanced. The French are masters when it comes to patina. Well done.
I suppose the Devil wears "Arca Satan Dark Red" from Mr. Corthay.

Corthay's Arca Satan Dark Red two tier Derby
Photos sourced from Pierre Corthay

Whole cut loafer - Gaziano and Girling

When it is Spring and or Summer time then loafers must be aired and a gent has to have a few in his shoe closet. Now there is nothing as attractive as a whole cut loafer, simply a classic asset to the shoe wardrobe.

For the day I have sampled a Gaziano and Girling whole cut loafer with a medallion, a gem stone, a beauty.
 Gaziano and Girling rendition of a whole cut loafer with a medallion. Hmmm, mouth is watering. 
Photos sourced from Gaziano and Girling 

Yutaka Seigaku - Corno Blu (Spectator)

I am truly astonished and overwhelmed by some of Master Yutaka Seigaku (Cornu Blu) renditions of classic men's shoes. Blogged about him here. I have to say, a good friend of mine is in Japan at the moment but around Tokyo and I asked him to look up Master Yutaka Seigaku, and I was told (Seigaku) is about 750 Km from Tokyo. I was devastated, but I can not get a friend running half of the Japanese islands to catch up with my favourite shoemakers, well? 

But ...Master Yutaka Seigaku posted the following on a blog as a tribute to The Shoe Aristo Cat, I am much obliged Master Seigaku. Thank you.

When is Spring and Summer coming? Wow- wonderful. Enjoy and have a great Easter.
 Full brogue two toned spectator from Master Yutaka Seigaku, simply a beautiful rendition of a shoe. That slim waist! Fantastico! You will see more from Master Seigaku.
Photos sourced from The Shoe realist

Gaziano and Girling - Whole cut Adelaide

As Spring is slowly but surely approaching a gent needs a whole cut bespoke Adelaide punched and no gimping or brogues. The below depicted shoe is exactly what Gaziano & Girling of Northampton does, a beautiful shoe indeed, minimalistic, simple, classic and elegant, oh forgot timeless.

Whole cut Adelaide punched peak cap toe and no brogue and gimping.
Photos sourced from Gaziano & Girling.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Spring - Pocket Squares - Accessories

I am not going into the history of pocket squares contra handkerchiefs as between the two there is a vast difference. Anyway ...pocket squares are the little accessories (not costing match) to vamp/vibe/pimp your formal /casual attire on jackets (formal or casual) or Winter Overcoats so they do not look naked. Never ever leave that pocket jacket or overcoat pocket empty! Would you step naked over your door threshold! Thought so. Pocket Square add a bit of dash and splash to the jacket or overcoat
! Happy Easter!


If not sure what a pocket squares is:  look below, HRH Prince Charles at a funeral attendance, jacket pocket with a pocket square though not white as expected (formal) but colourful complementing his whole attire and the occasion. 
Well done HRH Prince Charles.
HRH Prince Charles, a pocket square not conventional white as expected for the evening wearing a dinner suit, but a dash and splash pocket square for the evening, not many men can pull that trigger.
Pocket Squares from Exquisite Trimmings and Drake's of London other photos of HRH Prince Charles from other Internet sources.

Happy Easter - time to pack up the Winter Balmoral boots

It looks like I have to pack up the Winter boots for storage and unpack the Spring/Summer shoes. The Winter boots to be stored away until next Winter are from Crockett and Jones (Avebury) and Gaziano & Girling (Canterbury) both are Balmoral boots.

With the two boots to be packed I wish all of you A Happy Easter and hope that you enjoy the seasonal holidays.

Gaziano and Girling Balmoral boot (Canterbury) in black (leather) and brown suede, punched cap toe on the GG06 last (round last)

Crockett and Jones Avebury Balmoral boot in Chestnut, punched cap toe, 337 last, chiselled soft square.
All photos sourced from me.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Gaziano and Girling - Cherry coloured Adelaide

I have for the day sampled a Gaziano and Girling creation in cherry colour to honour the yearly natural event the blooming of the cherry blossom trees that occurs in Japan between end of March and mid April. The celebration is called Hanami - deriving from Hana (flower in Japanese) and Mi (to watch - verb).

Celebration of Hanami in Japan photo from Child friendly news
The Gaziano and Girling creation in cherry colour(wing tipped Adelaide Oxford). The below will be suitable to complement the Hanami celebration.
Photos sourced from Gaziano and Girling and Child friendly news

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Il Corno Blu - Japanese Bespoke shoes

As you may know by now that I have this fascination about Japanese bespoke boot and shoemakers, and I have not touched on them for quite some time. Today I have sampled a few creations by Il Corno Blu (not sure if it is a collaboration of different bespoke shoe artisans or one man's work). 

The first depicted light brown or Tan coloured quarter brogue punched captoe Oxford is from Il Corno Blu (Yutaka Seigaku), never have I seen a classic simple oxford renditioned so immaculately and perfectly as this creation from Master Yutaka Seigaku.

Bespoke quarter brogue punched Oxford laced shoe from Il Corno Blu (Yutaka Seigaku)
 Sole details of the shoe - just simple, adorable, perfect, classic and timeless

The below shoes photos all sourced from Style Forum and creations of Il Corno Blu.
A black stitched Oxford, simple, classic and elegant.

 Il Corno Blue Ready To Wear offerings, if wishes were horses, then I would be begging to ride and be a jockey on these below RTW offerings. So simple and refined yet classic and elegant. Need to pop up in Japan for a cup of tea.  
 A line up of the usual suspects from Il Corno Blu
 I am not sure what hide is the strapped loafer made of, but it is appealing to my taste, same as the tan below loafer and above the monk strap
Pictures sourced from Style Forum and The Shoe Realistic Blog and Style Forum.