Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dimitri Gomez - Paris - Shoes for the Spring & Summer

For today I have sampled some inspirational shoe creations from Master Dimitri Gomez (Parisian based bespoke boot & shoemaker) for the forth coming Spring and Summer. The shoes are mostly in brown colour variations of suede, including an interesting blueish/greyish and one in leather.
In my humble opinion all of the below shoes will be a nice complementary to a mustard /cream linen suit or cotton suit paired with a Panama hat. Do not forget the pocket squares to the suit jacket. Now, are we all set for the forth coming Spring and Summer? Hopefully yes. 

Two tier Derby in blue/greyish suede colour. Mustard linen suit will be wonderful with this pair. The colour will bring contrast to the suit. Nice shoe for the Summer no doubt.
Strapped monk in brownish suede. Hmm...
Stitched cap toe oxford in Polo suede. The contrasting laces brings the colour of shoe to it's glory.
Three tier Derby in a lighter brown shade suede. Cool.
A bowed loafer in another version of brown suede.
A loafer with a strap and a raised apron in a tan colour, pair this with any shade of blue linen suit then we are all set. Lovely loafer.
Photos sourced from For The Discerning Few

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

St Crispins creations for the day

I have sampled for the day some in my humble opinion very interesting "MTO" made to order creations from the Viennese based Saint Crispins house. The house needs no introduction as I have mentioned them previously on this blog here.

Below we have a sand suede punched oxford boot (punched cap toe) but then the same shoe has also side elastics like a Chelsea boot. Suppose the commissioner was not sure if he should opt for an Oxford laced boot or a Chelsea. So he took both worlds. I would have left out the elastic. But that is my opinion.
I sampled the below Chelsea boot for the unique orange suede colour, just to remind me that Spring and Summer will soon come. So why not put a bit of dash and splash of colouring to compliment the sunny season.
Here is a Saddle Derby boot in brown leather and mocha suede, chisel square toe, nicely done.
A Chukka boot in tan colouring with punched initials on the outside. I have seen this trend coming, meaning shoes having visible initials. Why? Not sure. Suppose a statement of some kind from the owner.  Nice boot anyway, would do away with the visible initials. It's a tad too much for my liking.
Photos sourced from Pinterest 

Master Ivan The Shoe Patina Artist

For the day I have sampled some amazing colouring from Master bespoke shoe and boot maker and patina artist Master Ivan Crivellaro, whom I have mentioned here. When looking and admiring these creations, I often think would I ever wear them or just have a glass display were I would display them and admire them. Walking in these shoes would be "blasphemous" destroying the art on these creations. Surely lots of passion, artistry and man hours has been invested to create them. So lovely, words can not describe them, let the photos speak loud & clear.

Three tier Oxford in light blue and burgundish cap toe with side bones & skull embroidery and pinkish piping. Just lovely. 
 A whole cut tan Oxford with darkened cap toe and a beautiful red and black sole in art. Would you walk and destroy this lovely piece of sole work?  
Photos sourced from Master Ivan's Face Book profile

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

GJ Cleverley - baby calf and ostrich Adelaide

GJ Cleverley the London based bespoke boot and shoemaker never stops amazing me with their ingenuity, classical designs and combinations of hides when making their so beautiful shoes from start. The latest creation being a combination of baby calf and ostrich leather based Adelaide Oxford shoe, well executed and the leather combination very well done and appealing even to the most conservative gents. 
Another classic from the hands of the GJ Cleverley team.   
The GJ Cleverley web site has also been revamped, looking very great. Congrats with the new site Gents. 

Adelaide Oxford made from baby calf and ostrich hide from the leg. This shoe needs no comment(s), it speaks for itself. Very beautiful, aesthetic, elegant, a classic and timeless from birth.
Photos sourced from GJ Cleverley

Gaziano and Girling for the day - MTO and Deco

For the day I have sampled some very unique Gaziano & Girling (a new revamped web site) shoes sourced from Calceom a shop that provides and sells G&G shoes amongst others. The sampled are made to order shoes from G&G MTO and Deco Line. Enjoy.

A black Oxford stitched cap toe from the Deco Line, a classic worth any wardrobe.
 Arran Chukka boot in suede, will look very nice for the early Summer.
 A whole cut Oxford (right) and a two tier Derby in exotic leathers (crocodile and stingray) from the Deco Line
 The Kent an Oxford Balmoral in two tones with a medallion, simply love the colour combination. Will do good for the Spring and Summer.
 The Thorpe a Derby boot in two toned grain leather with a Dainite sole
Photos sourced from Calceom

DC Lewis Footwear - shoes made in....

About mid 2011 there was a bit of a rush and talk on Style Forum when two members of SF joined together to establish DC Lewis Footwear. At the beginning the debate was much about shoes made in countries which are not known for producing shoes at all. That is to say, for some members on the Forum, shoes had to be made in Italy, England, France, Japan or and the USA, otherwise the shoes could not be of good quality. Hmmm... However DC Lewis Footwear proved that to be wrong and they were right. Bottom line is, if the shoe is well designed, Goodyear welted, well lasted, the leather is premium leather, well made (artisanship) and rightfully priced, does it matter where they are made? Guess not in my humble opinion. But I maybe in the minority. 
Lots of men buy Ecco shoes, which are really ugly, not even "fashionable" (even if I despise fashionable things) and they are probably made in some far corner of the world unknown to us or never heard of. 
Enough of talking....and let us review and judge the offerings made by DC Lewis Footwear made in .....????

A Balmoral boot in shell cordovan

A side strapped single monk
 A quarter brogue Oxford with punched cap toe and a medallion
 A side strapped double monk in exotic leather, chisel square toe
Same shoe as above as worn by owner
 A quarter brogue spectator in two tones, leather and suede.
 A stitched cap toe Oxford in shell cordovan
Photos sourced from Style Forum

Meermin - Shoes from Spain for every pocket

For quite some time there has been much talk about a Spanish shoe brand called Meermin on the Internet fora and I did not do a thing to find out who this "new kid" on the blog offering shoes at a very "reasonable" price was. Meermin was established in 2001. Some people tend to name Meermin the second Carmina, as Meermin is owned by the Albaladejo family from Carmina. The two companies hold different products and are owned by different people and running different operations. In short not a second Carmina.

Meermin offers two lines, the Classic and the Linea Maestro. The Classic collection is fully hand lasted and Goodyear welt constructed. The Linea Maestro features high end finishing. Meermin also offers made to order shoes.
Judge and review Meermin's products. I will be acquiring a few of their products during the course of the year. Please check them out and decide for yourself. Great products for a "reasonable" price.

Two toned double strapped monk in leather and suede
Two toned Balmoral Oxford boot, in leather and suede
 Austerity full brogue Oxford in a nice reddish colour
 Different offerings from Meermin
 Side laced Oxford in two tones, leather and pony hair, very interesting combination, however beautifully renditioned by Meermin. Well done
Another side laced Oxford in two tones, grained leather and suede in Balmoral style. Very nice.
A traditional single monk side strapped in blue suede
The classic tassel loafer for the Summer in brown leather
All pictures sourced from Tumblr