Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rule number One for the AristoCat from Bown's Bespoke.

(Rule I )  THOU SHALT WALK ONLY ON LEATHERThere is something utterly vile about the way in which the footwear of Western men has been defiled by the widespread adoption of the ‘trainer’. I suppose it has brought huge profits to the manufacturers of these nasty items, but it has also done inestimable damage to the character, as well as the appearance, of our sex. Trainers are for training: they are not fit for respectable living. Nor should we countenance those shoes which, at an indifferent glance, look passable – but which have soles made from synthetic material. Men should wear leather shoes with leather soles.

The Black Oxford punched cap-toe Leather Shoe - John Lobb

The Black Oxford Whole cut - St Crispins

Black Oxford Semi Brogues - Cleverley

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