Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Horace Batten - Boot and Shoemaker

I have to admit that sometimes in the quest for bespoke shoemakers, I do stumble upon artisans who for generations produced and still produce shoes but in all quietness. No fancy address, show rooms and or even advertisements. One of these artisans is a Northamptonshire (UK) based bespoke boot and shoemaker for seven generations, Horace Batten family establishment. Very discreet indeed. Now how many of the London bespoke shoe houses will produce a size 72 riding boot as shown below? I take my hat off for this family.

The size 72 riding gear have been created for the 33ft Lady Godiva puppet in celebration of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

Horace Batten making a shoe for the puppet Godiva

When I saw the below button Balmoral boot, I knew I had to include the Horace Batten house on this blog. After looking and viewing the button boot from the Horace house, I concluded and decided that I need a button balmoral boot from them. I will be in contact with them, soon...very soon.

Button Balmoral boot from the Horace Batten house
Riding boots from the Batten house
Photos sourced from http://Ancient Industries blog and Horace Batten

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