Thursday, 6 December 2012

WS Foster boots for the gent

WS Foster and Sons London Bespoke boot and shoemaker offers a ready to wear Chelsea boot, the Oakley, which is the type of boot a gent needs to cope with the Winter snow and the wetness. The Oakley is made of a warm mahogany pebble grain and comes with a Dainite sole to have a good grip whilst walking the city streets.

 The "Oakley" Chelsea boot from WS Foster, just the boot for looking good in the snow. 
All photos sourced from Foster's 


  1. Do you know who manufactures these boots? And if you do know, on which last are they made on?

  2. Hi there,

    Sorry for the late response. Happy New Year to you. Unfortunately no, I do not know who the manufacturer of the boot is nor do I know the last. But I will advice you to get in touch with Foster's and ask them, they are very helpful. As for currently they are having Winter Sales. So you could pick the boots at a lower price.

    The Shoe Aristocat