Saturday, 1 December 2012

Winter boots - keeping dry and looking good (RTW)

Winter is here, the first snow fall was the first of December down here, South part of Sweden, Nordics. With Winter here comes the snow and wet weather and a gent needs some boots that can keep him warm, well dressed and looking good. For the day I sampled two of my favourite boots for kicking the wits out of the Winter period, the first sample a cordovan ankle boot from Alden (USA). I am not a fan of "codo", but "codo" is appropriate for the Nordics as the hide will keep you dry even in heavy snow and wetness as we tend to have "down" here in the Nordic.
The second boot a Grenson(UK) RTW boot, two toned and brogued. I would say both boots are country boots or when just taking a walk in the woods or for casual dressing and giving the snow a bit of a fight back. Enjoy both boots with commando soles. Enjoy & welcome to the Christmas season.
Alden Norwegian Split Toe Cordovan ankle boot from Leather Soul Hawaii
 Alden NST Boot from Alden Of Camel with commando sole
Grenson Acklam boot (Grenson and Barbour collaboration)
Commando sole of the Grenson Acklam brogued boot
Photos sourced from Alden Of Camel, Leather Soul Hawaii and Grenson

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