Thursday, 22 November 2012

HRH Prince of Wales (Duke Of Windsor) - perfection

HRH The Prince Of Wales later Duke of Windsor a true style icon, was always very elegantly dressed, be it formal or informal. Below depicted picture of him dressed in a Prince Of Wales (Glen Urquhart) cloth three piece suiting , complimented by a cap (in bold Glen Check plaid cloth), tie and as always a pocket square. So inspiring.

HRH Prince Of Wales in a Glen Urquhart three piece suiting.
HRH The Duke Of Windsor casually dressed - 1941, large window Glen check odd jacket, pocket square and a pair of derbys.
HRH The Duke Of Windsor in a dinner jacket (black tie ensemble), shawl collar dinner jacket, boutonniere, pocket square, what a gentleman. Perfection itself.
Photo sourced from Ovadia and sons and Pauw Mannen


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