Tuesday, 6 August 2013

GJ Cleverley - Peter in black from the semi bespoke offerings

For the day I have sampled a pair of black quarter brogues with a punched cap toe (Peter) from the GJ Cleverley's "Semi Bespoke" offerings. As you may know the GJ Cleverley house prior to introducing the "Anthony Cleverley" range they had the Bespoke, Semi bespoke and the Bench made ranges. At then the Semi bespoke range consisted of about six styles of shoes, and If I recall correctly all were on the 337 last.

So this year in March I ordered a pair of "Peter" from the "semi bespoke range" and waited for a few months for the shoes to come. Finally they arrived, but I was busy travelling, so I signed off for them and off I went. Fourteen days later before flying out again, needed to look at my newly acquired "boring" black shoes. And surprise, surprise.

First and foremost, the leather is different from my other GJ Cleverley shoes, much better quality, the finishing is quite different, one can note the hand finishing part, the heel is slightly smaller (Cuban heel) compared to the bench made and the sole waist much suppressed, more elegant and slimmer and gives an overall sleek look. The shoes are also lighter. Oh yes, the Peter is not just Peter but Peter version 2, which is not on the 337 last but 348, I pressume, as I have a punched cap toe from 2009 or 2010 which is on that 348 last, I believe it is called Charles. 

Long story short. A great looking shoe, well done and executed and different from my other GJ Cleverley's bench made shoes. One minor thing, the Cleverley's forgot to include the shoe trees, will be calling them before I fly out again tomorrow. I am pleased with this shoe. As you can note, I did some elbow work, not much but a bit and you can see the results. Quite a shoe even a black "boring" punched cap toe shoe can bring so much delight. So what is next? I will be moving from the normal bench made to the semi bespoke range, for the +700 quid, it's worth it.

The Peter-2 from GJ Cleverley house Semi bespoke range
Photos sourced from The Shoe Aristo Cat


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  2. That's a fantastic shoe. I think that's the best you can do with a (boring) black shoe.


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