Friday, 2 August 2013

Master Cliff Roberts - A Summer tassel loafer

The Summer has been extremely hot in Europe and seems to hold the high temperatures for a time still. I was about not to continue on Summer clothing and shoes, but due to the very high heat, it will still be appropriate to mention some of the Summer offerings from diverse bespoke shoemakers and bespoke tailors. For the day I have sampled a pair of tassel loafers in real Summer colours (two toned) red and tannish in a square toe last. This is a product from Master Cliff Roberts the "One man bespoke operation".  Many of you know by now that besides GJ Cleverley my other favourite shoemaker is Master Cliff Roberts.

The colouring (patina) seems to have been done directly onto the leather rather than creating the patina by polishing, I maybe wrong on that, will have to ask Master Cliff Roberts about the technique used. Why I love this loafer and it's colours, it's because it still looks very sober and not shouting at the world. Would not mind this piece of shoe as part of my Summer arsenal.
Master Cliff Roberts Summer tassel loafer
Photo sourced from Master Cliff Roberts Face Book profile

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