Friday, 2 August 2013

Young Master Roberts - on the hard way towards classic style

Just before I head for my Summer vacation, I just needed to add some of the items which I had planned, but...alas. 
Sometimes I do ask myself, when does one start the hard journey to be stylish, dress impeccably and classical? For most of the time, we hear about those born with a golden spoon and have the time to do so effortlessly and under the heavy hawk eye guidance of their parents. But what about the rest of us? 
Now for the day I have sampled young Master Roberts, just at seventeen and looking very dapper in a grey single breasted suiting with one button, jetted pockets, which gives the jacket (suit) a very formal look, slim lapels (almost sixties look). White shirting and a very slim navy blue tie. 
Now we just have to wait for a second, ..... at seventeen, the young Roberts is dressed up for a job interview. Now how many grown ups have turned for an interview in chinos and thought, I am wearing dress trousers?  How many have pulled up a suit for a job interview? 
I have to congratulate young Master Roberts for pulling this look for an interview, it shows that it's never too early to start dressing up impeccably and with classic style. 

Young Master Roberts heading for an interview, very soberly dressed up. Your father must be very proud of you young man. (I just miss that little pocket square on the jacket.)
Father and son holding a pair of bespoke shoes made by Master Cliff Roberts
Younger Master Roberts a year ago (2012) heading for a prom
Photos sourced from Master Cliff Roberts Face Book profile


  1. Ahhh the efforts and changes we put In to find out own style. Admittedly, it helps when ones father is quite the rake. Mine, unfortunately was not. In fact no one in my family was stylish. I had to grow and learn on my own. And , I may not be there yet, but, I am leaps and bounds ahead of where i was. I remember being in high school attempting to pull looks together, failing, and evolving from there. I went through a phase where I though that the more expensive, the better. Which was, false.... But to me I am always changing, tweaking, working my own personal style. Trying to blend fit, color, classic pieces with a twist.

    It is good to see a young man accept the suit so young and confidently . You can tell he wears those suits with a swagger and knows that it's out together well. Being 17 has its advantages, you can get away with more fashionably... But it's also great to see someone knowing that a medium grey suit, that's impeccably tailored, is a staple for which one should start their wardrobe.. Bravo young master... Bravo.

    Thanks SA... Stay out of the heat...

  2. Dear Brad,

    Thanks so much for your comment with a personal touch, which I appreciate so much. True that getting there is never a straight forward road, but as you say, we learn from our own mistakes and observations.

    What caught my eye on young Master Roberts, is that at 17 years of age, pulls a sartorial rabbit for a job interview, and looked so elegant. Yes, I do echo the Bravo, indeed well done.

    Hehe, will try to be stay far from the heat... thanks.

    Have a pleasant day.

    Best regards
    The Shoe Aristo Cat