Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pitti "uniformed" in blue for the Summer

When viewing pictures of men from the Pitti show, you observe very well dressed gents, going about chatting to other gents/ladies, simply doing what they do on a non-working day and having fun and looking very good. Digging into the the photos sourced from The Sartorialist from Pitti two or three years ago, did find these two photos of two different gents, however both opted for "uniform" Summer clothing for the Summer period. What is striking about the uniform is the colour of the suiting, the shirting and the necktie. I could have said same suit, but no. The first gent is in a double breasted suiting with patch pockets, paired with a sky blue large gingham shirting, closing it with a navy blue knitted tie.
The gent below, is in a single breasted suiting, sky blue medium gingham shirting, closing with a navy blue knitted tie. Very interesting, how the colours and patterns were chosen for the day. (Maybe they did call each other before venturing out). How would I know?
Photos sourced from The Sartorialist

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