Tuesday, 6 August 2013

GJ Cleverley - Punched full brogue side gussets with faux laces

The beauty of going bespoke, the design, pattern, leather, last, colour, brogueing or punching, inner lining and more. As I have said before going into the process of bespoke, be it a suit, coat, shoes and overcoat or more it is not just purchasing but a process of commissioning something that will last for many years. For the day I have sampled a favourite shoe of mine, a side gusset with faux laces from GJ Cleverley
Now let us a take a full brogue, strip it off (away with the brogue stitchings), just leave the punching, then add the faux laces in a darker colour than the shoe, pinched it up with the GJ Cleverley square chisel toe and made from the Whiskey calf hide and then dash it up with side gussets on both sides. Oh ---what do we have? A full brogue (punched) no stitchings to distract the eye from the punching, add side gussets and with faux laces, so elegant, simple, yet very refined and classic.
So English, rather so GJ Cleverley's(que) and not within 10 000 Km's will you see something similar. Oh if my pocket was deep enough, I could relieve some of the heavy burden from my pocket and make the Cleverley's cash box a lot heavier.

Bespoke GJ Cleverley full brogue (no stitchings) punched side gusset with faux laces.

Photos sourced from GJ Cleverly


  1. Ahhhh my arch nemesis..the side gusset and faux laces..I'll admit the color and broguing are spectacular .. I just can't get into the lazy man's laces. For my taste, if you want a loafer, there are more options then I care to discuss .. If you want a lace up, get one.. One would argue that this combines the best of both worlds, I disagree, I think it combines the exact opposite. The side gusset conpletely takes away from the cut of the leather and the laces look oddly incomplete with no bow. Thanks though SA, I did enjoy the broguing and color ...

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the comment. True that the side gusset with faux laces is not every gent's cup of tea.
    As I have said many a times, I am a great favour of gussets and that is why each time I see a creation, I have to write about it. Anyway,......... I have to say that the colouring and the punching has to be appreciated, as it makes this shoe very unique.

    Have a pleasant day.

    Best regards

    The Shoe Aristo Cat