Sunday, 7 October 2012

Antonio Pio Mele - bespoke for the kids

I sampled two pairs of bespoke children's shoes by Master Antonio Pio Mele in exotic hide. The shoes look so adorable, a good start with bespoke shoes for the young man, whoever he is. Wear them in good health. Master Antonio well done.

Master Antonio in a  Chesterfield sofa chair and enjoying a puff from the cigar.

A blue "blind" full brogue made of crocodile for a baby boy I assume. Very nice, a good pair of bespoke shoes to start life with.
 A brown pair of derby's for a kid made of exotic hide. Very cute. Nice touch.
Photos sourced from Antonio Pio Mele's FB profile.


  1. AFJ,

    Thanks for your comment. Overkill? I am not sure. If the parents have the money to have bespoke shoes made for the young lad or lady, then they are entitled to that. One option which you never considered, could be the child really needs bespoke shoes due to some feet problems. It is not for me to judge if that was an overkill. The shoes could be also embossed leather, I never considered that, but I will ask Mr. Antonio.

    Thanks for your comment and apologies for the late response.

    The Shoe Aristocat.