Saturday, 6 October 2012

Autumn - coats and more

Autumn is for heavier cloth to keep one warm, whether it be the overcoat or the suiting cloth. The below illustration depicts a gent in a double breasted peak lapel checked tweed coat (Glen Urquhart), navy flannel trousers (chalk stripped) and a dark grey Homburg hat. The outfit is complimented by a black oxford cap toe shoe. An English man, indeed doing his business in town.
 Two gents hailing a taxi in London. The gent on the left wears, a Crombie style double breasted coat with a velvet collar, six buttons, four functioning. Outfit is topped by a Homburg hat, an umbrella. So British. The simplicity of elegancy. The gent on the right, a suit, bowler hat and an umbrella. Perhaps a butler.
Photos sourced from Cyberspace

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