Friday, 5 October 2012

Lajos Balint - Shoemaker from Vienna

Vienna (Austria) had another underrated bespoke shoemaker, Master Lajos Balint, who provided shoes and boots to the Aristocracy and top business people from Germany, England and Asia. A new pair of shoes from the Balint establishment can take up to three months to be completed. The house makes very beautiful shoes. View and judge. Have a pleasant weekend. I was made aware of the fact that Master Balint pictured below passed away in 2010, but the shoemaking business is being attended by his widow and sons.

Master Balint (passed away 2010)

The workshop/store front

Bela Balint (one of the sons runs the shoe operation business

A full brogue oxford spectator in brown and cream
A semi brogue oxford 
 A two toned Balmoral boot

Photos sourced from Cyberspace & Styleforum


  1. Mr Lajos Balint (pictured) has died in March 2010. The business, with shops in Vienna and Zurich, is now run by his widow and his sons.

  2. Hello Rolf,

    I am sorry to hear that (my profound sympathy to the family) was not aware of the fact. I will update the blog to reflect the information. Thanks for that. Is one of the sons Bela who runs the operation.

    Best regards
    The Shoe AristoCat

    1. Yes, Bela (pictured) runs the shop, along with his mother. I am a customer, and as far as I know, he is the only son.

      I actually snapped that picture of Lajos Balint you have posted during one of my visits to the shop.

      Very nice family; excellent customer service.

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for pleasant comment on the Balint shoe operation. When I get down in Vienna will make a stop at the shop and pass my regards. Glad to hear that the family is nice and have an excellent customer service.

    Have a pleasant day and best regards

    The Shoe Aristo Cat