Friday, 26 October 2012

Pigskin shoes

Pigskin is underrated when coming to shoe hides. Most gents will say Crocodile, Alligator, Stingray, Shark hides etc, are most exclusive. True, but in my humble opinion pig hide does some wonders if given to the patina artisan to finish the job. What the heck am I talking about.....

Bestetti pigskin balmoral oxford (black)
Bestetti pigskin derby (Norvegese stitching) brown
 Bestetti pigskin derby (tan)
Carreducker Derby in pigskin (brown)
 Gaziano & Girling Derby in pigskin
 Gaziano & Girling loafer in pigskin
 Gaziano & Girling Derby in pigskin
 GJ Cleverley(De Rede) loafer in pigskin 
 GJ Cleverley loafer in pigskin
 Marquess side gusset in pigskin
 Marquess lazy man's side gusset in pigskin
Photos sourced from Cyberspace, A Suitable Wardrobe and Style Forum

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