Sunday, 7 October 2012

Glacage Chaussures - The patina god (part II)

Patina art Master Paulus Bolten = Glacage Chaussures (France) is a legendary figure when it comes to the art of patina, cirage, glacage etc. When you enter his site all these 
terms are mentioned, I reckon each term has a deeper meaning to what it stands for and how it differs from the other terms. Master Paulus Bolten works with so many shoe makers and offers workshops in the art of patina. Wish we had an apostle like him in the Nordic, definitely I would be a follower. I am really looking forward to the new shoe site that will open in a few weeks from now. If I understand well, Master Paulus will be offering shoes that come with a patina from start. Hmmm, very interesting. A patina artist going shoemaking, nice touch.
Master Paulus Bolten (the patina Apostle himself), looking very dapper at an arrangement.
A pair of Berluti loafers that was treated & handled by Master Paulus.
 A Berluti pair softly handled by the hands of Master Paulus. I skipped some photos. but wanted to show the transformation of this pair from being dull and unattractive to a very appealing pair. Nice touch from Master Paulus.
 A pair of Gieves and Hawkes shoes after a gentle treatment by Master Bolten. 
A leather jacket before treatment by Master Paulus Bolten.
Same leather jacket after a good and loving treat by the hand of the patina Apostle, Master Paulus. A new and transformed jacket emerges. Beautiful. 
A class with the patina art disciples, followers having a good time.
Master Paulus Boten (left) again, a sartorial gent as one can see from his outfit and posture. 
Photos sourced from Master Paulus Bolten's site

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