Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Dandy Shoe Care - The patina god (part I)

For days I was thinking about how does one become a patina artist and how does the collaboration between patina artist and shoemaker come to be? I suppose the patina artist will have a background and some training in art (painter), so he/she will transform from canvas to leather. But does he/she go to a bespoke shoemaker and say "I can put some extravagance and individuality into the shoes you make for your clients." Well anyway to much of thinking.....

Below I have sampled a tassel loafer made by bespoke shoemaker Master Antonio Pio Mele (Italy), who then collaborated with Master Patina maker Alexander Nurulaeff (Dandy Shoe Care) to produce this amazing patina on the loafer. Now the patina takes the loafer to new levels, very - very elegant and pleasing to the eye. 

There is only ONE - Dandy Shoe Care - and his work is amazing.
The loafer is the work of Master Antonio P. Mele, the patina art by Master Nurulaeff.
Details of the colouring so well balanced
More details revealing the passion and respect for colours put into the hide
Below a strapped Norwegian monk by Master Antonio Pio Mele before the patina and after
the patina artist laid his DNA
Here the difference can be clearly seen, the shoe gets a different vibration after being handled by the patina artist.
A whole cut oxford magnificently, the patina artistically renditioned by Master Nurulaeff
 The toe is mesmerising, beautiful flow from greenish-blue to very dark navy/black by Master Nurulaeff.
Photos sourced from Dandy Shoe Care Tumblr, 


  1. Dear Shoe AristoCat,
    thank you very much for your endorsement. I'm very glad to see that day after day Patina fans are more and more. I hope one day I can meet you, and -who knows?- maybe to create an Aristocat Patina for a pair of your shoes.
    For any question, please contact me
    Besides, my new website is almost ready (both Italian and English language).
    Best regards

  2. Master Alexander,

    I am honoured by your comment. I would be more than happy to have your art work on a pair or two perhaps more. I am pleased to hear that your website will be ready in a giffy, hoping to see the master artworks from the Patina God himself.

    Will contact your Sire and thanks for the e-mail.

    Best regards to Madame Nurulaeff. Will learn Italian so our conversation can be more fruitful. Hope did not promise much.

    Best regards
    The Shoe Aristo Cat