Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Vintage Gentleman's Astrakhan overcoat from 1907

Dear Readers, I could not resist blogging about the below vintage Astrakhan coat when I spotted it on eBay - UK,  genuine piece of history, a luxurious and imperial Gentleman's Astrakhan coat from 1907. The coat is made of luxurious materials which are: Astrakhan (pure Persian lambswool) collar of the finest quality, heavy wool (felt) forming the main body of the coat; Mink/Sable/musquash fully lined. These materials create a very insulating overcoat that is incredibly thick and carrying some weight. 
The previous owner (D. G. Landale, Esq.) was probably a man of wealth and power, as this piece did not come cheap even back then in 1907. All in all a very beautifully made overcoat that will keep even the Siberian winter cold far away from the wearer.

The vintage Astrakhan coat from 1907.
 Mink/Sabble fur inner-lining
 Wrap-up with Astrakhan collar

 Ticket pocket and turn-up sleeve, nice touch.
 Details of the back of the coat
Photos sourced from eBay-UK


  1. Do you own this coat? I've been trying to find one for years and have never had any luck... Lucky you! And in such perfect condition as this example! I wonder where they've all gone, as there were lots of them around back in the early 1900s... There are no examples to be found on Ebay or Etsy.

  2. My apologies, it is obvious you own the coat-that was a foolish remark from me! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your blog which I regretfully only discovered this year in 2017, and of which I assume you have now discontinued due to the no further posts after 2013. Your research and attention to detail is incredible and you have provided an encyclopedia for anything that the elegant and discerning gentleman would wish to learn about. I have many hours of happy reading ahead of me. Thank you so very much!
    With best wishes from London.