Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Vintage Gentleman's Astrakhan overcoat from 1907

Dear Readers, I could not resist blogging about the below vintage Astrakhan coat when I spotted it on eBay - UK,  genuine piece of history, a luxurious and imperial Gentleman's Astrakhan coat from 1907. The coat is made of luxurious materials which are: Astrakhan (pure Persian lambswool) collar of the finest quality, heavy wool (felt) forming the main body of the coat; Mink/Sable/musquash fully lined. These materials create a very insulating overcoat that is incredibly thick and carrying some weight. 
The previous owner (D. G. Landale, Esq.) was probably a man of wealth and power, as this piece did not come cheap even back then in 1907. All in all a very beautifully made overcoat that will keep even the Siberian winter cold far away from the wearer.

The vintage Astrakhan coat from 1907.
 Mink/Sabble fur inner-lining
 Wrap-up with Astrakhan collar

 Ticket pocket and turn-up sleeve, nice touch.
 Details of the back of the coat
Photos sourced from eBay-UK

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