Saturday, 21 April 2012

Classic Summer suitings for all ages

Today I decided to look at the Summer suits. Most men in the Western hemisphere will settle for a tee-shirt, jeans/chinos, worst case shorts in town and paired with trainers or those ugly plastic crocs. But it does not have to be that way. 

Summer is the season of the year when men can look elegant & classic in attire that looks good and stylish. The below pictures shows two elderly men, and a younger wearing Summer suitings, which are very well orchestrated and beautifully done. Very well composed and elegant.

An Italian Gent in a cream cotton or linen suit with a blue and white Bengal stripped shirt, blue tie with white dots, paired with a tassel loafer. Oh, the socks are stripped too. So elegant.

The below photo is a Parisian Gent in a three piece navy blue shaded Summer suit, paired with a navy tie. Look the at the length of the trousers, just a hint of those purple socks and a pair of dark brown suede shoes with cream laces. Hmm, very classy and simple, can I pull that trick?

A younger American Gent in a Seersucker suit, purple tie and pocket square. Note the tie-pin? Wonder what colour socks and what kind of shoes he is wearing to complete the look.

Pictures sourced from:The Sartorialist Blog 

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