Sunday, 15 April 2012

Shoe Patina by Hom Nguyen

I have been always intrigued by the patina artists, makers or designers. But when I came across Hom the leather patina artist, I had to admit that, there are patina artists out there and there is Hom. Meaning that Hom is an outstanding artist within this genre.
I am aware that Mr. Hom's work may not be everyone's cup of tea in regards to the shoe patina, but I have to admit that the Gent brings a new dimension for individualising shoes or leather goods. A true artist, he does make some amazing things with leather, he makes Berluti look like a toddler in this game. 
Whats even surprising is that Mr. Hom is the "New kid on the block" within the French patina artists. 
View the depicted pictures and decide for yourself.
Mr. Hom's work is not only limited to leather items such as shoes or bags, as you will note on the pictures below.

Pictures sourced from Hom


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