Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Sloop loafers - from SW1 in Italy

Today, when packing away the Autumn/Winter shoes and as going through the Spring/Summer shoes. I came across my forgotten Summer loafers. Had completely forgotten about the existence of "the Sloop loafer". 
Imagine my delight after finding the Sloops.  All three Sloop pairs happened to hide away for a solid two and a half years. That is the reason for today's blog, which is all about the forgotten Sloop loafer. Now I am really looking forward to Summer, so I can air my Sloops. 

The Sloop loafer is a very slim and elegant loafer, made in Italy by SW1, who is inspired by the English (Northampton) shoe industry and the Italian shoemakers.  Sadly, the company (SW1) shut down in 2009/2010, but web site is functional and they still produce shoes.  Get in touch with Mr. F. D´Urso below & he will help you out.

The Sloop loafer was a hit from start, but became very popular and on high demand after young Rubinacci (Luca) was spotted wearing a pair. The Sloop is a must have loafer for the Summer.

Mr. Francesco D´Urso himself co-founder & owner of SW1
 The Sloop in Water Buffalo

The Sloop in very dark brown suede
 The Sloop in very dark brown leather

The demand for Sloop loafers became high after Luca Rubinacci was seen wearing them. 

Pictures sourced from SW1 and www.styleforum.net

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