Sunday, 1 April 2012

Spring 2012 is here - colours for Spring and Summer

Today I will look into the Spring/Summer shoes, rather the lighter coloured shoes that compliment the sunny days & warm weather. Yesterday I packed the dark(er) coloured shoes away and brought the lighter ones out for a spit shine where applicable.

Well, here in the Nordic, Spring is still far from us, still cold and windy, today wetness with hail was added to the cold & wind. Imagine, how that felt like, I was cold. But as we say up here, "there is no bad weather, just inappropriate dressing." How very true.

I am still looking forward to Spring, so when I saw Drakes of London Spring and Summer collection 2012, I was inspired to blog about lighter coloured shoes to compliment the sunny & warmer days to come.

Drakes of London Spring & Summer colours for 2012

Spring / Summer coloured shoes are a must to have for a Shoe AristoCat, Shoe lover, Shoe snob or any Gent into classical shoes. Below are bespoke pieces by Tony Gaziano's hand from his time at Edward Green. 

Quarter brogue oxford

 Quarter brogue punch cap toe side gusset

 Full brogue with initial as a medallion

 Full brogue with medallion

 Semi brogue no cap toe with medallion
 Butterfly loafer (1) split toe

Butterfly loafer (2) with brogueing on the apron

Pictures sourced (shoes) Tony Gaziano (Gaziano & Girling), Drakes of London

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