Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Japanese suit by HRH The Emperor of Japan

The Japanese are traditionalist by nature and love the traditional Western clothing. Below HRH The Emperor shows how this Western classic garment should be worn with a pinch of style, classiness and almost effortless hint. Let us take a better look at the suitings worn by the Emperor below and judge how he does it so elegantly and almost effortless (it seems). I salute HRH The Emperor for his timeless and elegant rendition of the Western suit. 

HRH below in mid night blue shades, white pocket square. The contrasting with his grey hair brings the Gents suiting out very well.

 A grey shaded double breasted suit, with a greenish tie and pocket square

Another grey double breasted suit for the Emperor. Look at the cuffs of the jacket, wow, I have to say.

 Grey again double breasted, various shades of grey, but not the same as his grey hair, however complimenting his grey/silver hair.

Morning coat outfit, more formal it can not be for an event occurring during the day time. 

Pictures sourced from the Internet.

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