Saturday, 21 April 2012

Summer inspiration alá Les Sapeurs (Gentlemen of Congo)

For the coming Summer be inspired by and try dressing sartorially alá the Gentlemen of Congo (Les Sapeurs) style. In one of the earlier blogs, I mentioned the Gents of Congo and their feel and attention to details and colour, men of Sartorial honour.

Well, why not try the below shown blazers and pair them with suede shoes like the ones depicted below. Oh, do not forget to add trousers, braces, belts and socks to pair the jackets. Use some colour to the trousers, so you have the Gents of Congo effect. Good luck Gents and Shoe AristoCats.

Carmina suede loafer
 Linen Summer double breasted blazer, add a pocket square to the breast pocket
 Markowski suede tassel loafer
 Two button single breasted Summer jacket/blazer
 Three button single breasted Summer jacket with patch pockets, add pocket square
Add the Sloop loafer to the above Summer jacket

Pictures sourced from the Internet

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