Friday, 20 April 2012

Old shoe dated 1968, from George Cleverley

Gents or Shoe AristoCats who bespeak their shoes tend to have the shoes for decades and decades and never willing to separate with their favourite pieces. In one of my earlier  blog, we saw how HRH Prince Charles had his favourite Lobb oxford mended, spit shined and used. The ultimate recycling.

An American Gent or Shoe AristoCat in his seventies sent his pair of G. Cleverley derby's for replacement after having the shoes for forty three years. The elderly Shoe AristoCat left a note inside the shoes with a suitable understatement: " I think it's time to replace this pair, although I'm worried the new shoes will be to new for the wooden box". Well articulated.

No doubt that this pair of shoe has been used, however well cared for, polished, loved, caressed, tended to -; in short well looked after. The leather has teared, worn down a few places but still good looking. The note said it all, it is time for a replacement.

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