Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Japanese Shoemakers - Saion (Part three)

Japanese bespoke shoemakers are one of a kind, not many of them are known outside of Japan, but they do produce some very exquisite and elegant shoes. On the theme "The Japanese shoemakers", I have decided to bring forth Saion to all of you out there. Saion produces some very classical, stylish and timeless shoes. From the looks, inspiration is from English, Italian and French bespoke shoesmakers and perhaps more.

A Norwegian split-toe Derby on the making process
 A very beautifully made Chukka boot in two tones
 A double monk (1) suitable for the office

 A double monk (2) suitable for a gent in creative business - now this shoe is something for itself,
look at the details. Waw!

Full brogue

 Semi brogue punch cap toe

Side gusset punch captoe (my favourite travel shoe)

 All pictures sourced from Saion.

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