Saturday, 21 April 2012

Edward Green of Northampton

Edward Green or EG as the company is known to many Shoe AristoCats is one of the oldest establishment from Northampton, England. EG started making shoes in 1890, their motto being "to make the finest shoes, without compromise".         

EG produces beautiful, classical, stylish, timeless English shoes. Today they do not operate a bespoke shoe production as Tony Gaziano left EG and opened Gaziano & Girling a few years back. EG offers Ready To Wear (RTW), Made To Order (MTO) and a Top Drawer (closer to bespoke) shoes, the latter being the expensive.

EG offers an endless of possibilities if taking the MTO or TD option.

Below a few of EG's offerings from Top Drawer

Shannon Balmoral boot with tweed

Shannon Balmoral boot in Antique Oak and mink suede

Arundel Tassel loafers





All pictures sourced from: Styleforum

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  1. These loafers are amazing! Split toe shape is just incredible, what a shape!