Monday, 8 July 2013

Giacopelli and Dandy Shoe Care Collaboration - tassel loafer

A while ago a blogged about Giacopelli shoes from Parma (Italy) and at the time assumed that there was a working collaboration between Giacopelli and Dandy Shoe Care. Now I can cement that statement, indeed there is a connection between the shoemaker and the The patina Grand Wizard (Dandy Shoe Care).
As explained earlier, I assumed that Giacopelli and Dandy Shoe Care had a working relationship, and for the day I have sampled a tassel loafer made in Russian Reindeer hide by Giacopelli and handled and treated by Dandy Shoe Care.

Below depicted is a tassel loafer in Russian Reindeer hide before the Grand Wizard of Patina gives it an artistic hand treatment and care, and the look after Dandy Shoe Care treatment.
 The choice of the leather and patina elevates  the same shoe to higher and better dimensions. Judge yourself by comparing the pictures of the same shoe style. Compare to the last picture, the same shoe but different hide.
The raw Reindeer tassel loafer.
The processed shoe by Dandy Shoe Care 
The same tassel loafer in a different hide handled by the Grand Wizard too. The above gives a dash and splash due to the texture of the hide. Stunning.
Photos sourced from Dandy Shoe Care and Giacopelli shoes


  1. The wizard blows my mind everytime I see something new.. The man astounds me.. Not much impresses me anymore, with the advent of the Internet and my curiousity, I have seen a lot... But the dandy man always impresses me.. Bravo..

    Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the nice comment on Dandy Shoe Care, I am glad that the Dandy man can always impress us with his creations. I concur that a big Bravo applaud be given to the Grand Maestro of patina.

    Have a pleasant day Sir.

    Best regards

    The Shoe Aristo Cat