Tuesday, 9 July 2013

TYE Bespoke Linen co-respondent shoe

I am fascinated by the Japanese bespoke shoemakers, each time I look at some of their artisanship and craftsmanship, makes me think of the saying "the sky is the limit", which seems not to apply for them. They push beyond the skies into outer-space. 
I have now sampled a bespoke linen and calf co-respondent shoe made by Tye Shoemaker of Japan. Now I thought I had seen it all, but this was the top notch of bespoke shoemaking. So simple, yet refined, classical shoe and beautifully executed. WOW! Stunning shoe. Yes, the sky will never be the limit. 
Linen and calf bespoke co-respondent Oxford shoe by Tye Shoemaker
Photo sourced from Bespoke Makers


  1. Looks like womens shoes with that heel...

  2. Hi Mondrian,

    Thanks for the to the point comment. Well, hmmmm what can I say. Would you please take a look at these: http://the-shoe-aristocat.blogspot.se/2012/11/gj-cleverly-anthony-cleverley-shoes.html and : http://the-shoe-aristocat.blogspot.se/2013/03/il-corno-blu-japanese-bespoke-shoes.html and http://the-shoe-aristocat.blogspot.se/2013/07/galoshed-balmoral-oxford-from-japan.html.

    In short, I believe it is called the Cuban heel. Note the shape of the heel on all links.

    Hope we have cleared the misunderstanding, but they could be ladies shoes perhaps. In any case, it is the beauty of the shoes and the artistic design that caught my eye and the end result. Needless to say they are adorable.

    Have a pleasant day.

    Best regards

    The Shoe Aristo Cat