Friday, 12 July 2013

The Italian Job - Summer looks

The Italian Job Summer looks is a collection of photos depicting Italian gents within the clothing industry of Italy. Here we can see how those who influence the everyday gent assemble their own clothing for the day. Quite inspirational, the putting together of colours, cloth, accessories  and putting it all together to make an everlasting timeless impression. Why not get inspired by these gents.
Mr. Alberto Scaccione, opted for navy blue double breasted jacket (4X2) with white buttons, collar club shirting - stripped, a tie, glasses in jacket pocket instead of a pocket square, paired with white trousers.
Peaked lapel jacket in dark blue colour, sky shirt and a light trousers, paired with suede tassel loafers
Double breasted jacket, sky blue shirt, navy tie, pocket square, white trousers.

 Mr. Gianni Dal Cortivo seen here in a linen mustard double breasted suit(6X4) blue shirt with contrasting white collar and cuffs, tie, pocket square, two toned double monks.
Here seen in a blue double breasted jacket, light coloured shirt, huge knotted tie, pocket square and grey trousers
Double breasted blue jacket with white buttons, grey trousers, pocket square all paired with a co-respondant full brogue
Here same jacket as above, stripped shirt, grey tie, white linen pocket square
Light blue double breasted jacket (6X4), stripped shirt, tie, pocket square
 Mr. Simone Righi, three button single breasted suit, pocket square, and a brown pique.
Three button single breasted mustard linen suit, stripped shirt, knitted tie (stripped) and a pocket square
Navy blue linen single breasted suit, shirt, grey tie and a pocket square, flower
Single breasted three button linen suit (could be the same as earlier), crisp white shirt, paisley tie with tones of burgundy and blue
All photos sourced from The Bespoke Dudes


  1. It's amazing how much better Italians look in clothes than my fellow Americans .. Our clothing here is typically WAY to big, we are too fat, and don't know how to put together an outfit. It's amazing what fit and a little confidence can do to an ensemble. Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your comment. True that the Italian gents pull a better look when it comes to clothing. In my humble opinion the Americans wear too big or rather oversized clothing and that does not flatter anyone. Well in regards to the fatness, I will not comment. As you put it, a bit of fitted clothing, assemble and put the whole thing together and of course a great deal portion of confidence. I think here two keywords are: Confidence and fitted clothing. Assembling the whole look comes with time and age I suppose, buy not necessarily but a bit of flair makes wonders.

    Thanks to you and continue a pleasant weekend.

    Best regards
    The Shoe Aristo Cat

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  4. Hi JustLinen,

    Thanks for the comment and I am happy that you did find the piece informative on linen suitings.

    Have a pleasant weekend.

    Best regards

    The Shoe Aristo Cat