Friday, 5 July 2013

John Lobb's shoes in Museum calf hide

After visiting Master Vass Laszlo's establishment in Buda-Pest, I could not get the John Lobb "Museum Calf" hide out of my head. So I looked around to find the different shoes made by John Lobb in this special antiqued hide. Now I am more than overwhelmed with the antiquing of the hide from the tannery directly. The hide has a almost interesting natural patina that is so beautiful, regardless the colour (be it Parisian, Plum etc). So I am even more anxious to see the outcome of my commissioned boot  from The Vass establishment in Hungary. The hide will be from Ilcea tannery in Italy from the Radica offering.
All good things come in due time, so I am very patient. Enjoy the John Lobb renditions in "Museum calf" and have a pleasant weekend.
Oxford Boot in Museum calf (both)
Chelsea Boot in Museum calf (left)
Double monk in Museum calf (right)
 Punched cap toe Oxford in Museum calf
 Full brogue (austerity brogue) in Museum calf
Photos sourced from Style Forum and Leather Soul Hawaii


  1. Love the Chelsea boots and the final brogues in that AMAZING ox blood / brown/ maroon color.. They are a gorgeous pair of shoes. You could wear them with anything and make the outfit look timeless . Well done thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the comment. True the Chelsea's are stunning. Funny that my favourite was the Austerity Full brogue from GJ Cleverley (from Anthony Cleverley range) - not the shoe design but the colour. I imagined these with a navy or dark grey/charcoal (flannel) suit or mid night blue suit in lighter weight and this colour. Wow!

    Have a pleasant weekend.

    Best regards
    The Shoe Aristo Cat