Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer outfits 2013 - white/cream trousers

Not many men pull the white/cream trouser look during the Summer, wonder why? Here is inspiration from some gents pulling the white/cream trouser look for the Summer. So simple, yet elegant and good looking.

Navy blue double breasted jacket with covered buttons, with white trousers, light blue shirt, pocket square all paired up with a monk bootie.
Two gents in double breasted jackets (left) a linen herringbone. Left gent in a stripped double breasted jacket with brass buttons. Both in white trousers and suede shoes. The gent on the right a double monk
Two gents (left) a Summer hat, light blue pique - long sleeve, white trousers. Right gent, blue shirt, cream trousers and a jacket over shoulders.
Photos sourced from Bespoke Diary


  1. Love the cream trouser/ jean look in the summer... And heck the spring and fall too... The key, again, to this look is the fit and confidence.. And the shoes.. If you can have the proper fit, the right swagger, and some kick ass shoes, it literally doesn't matter what top you pair the trousers with... One of the few times you can literally get away with wearing anything above the waist if you put the bottom together properly.. Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your comment and I am happy you enjoyed the blog on cream trousers.

    Have a pleasant weekend.

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    The Shoe Aristo Cat