Saturday, 6 July 2013

Saskia Wittmer bespoke shoes - Florence

The men's bespoke shoe industry (artisanship) is mostly dominated by men, all most in all continents (Europe, The Americas, The United Kingdom and Japan). However that does not mean and say that there are no women in this industry. Most famous and known is Madame Olga Berluti from Berluti, then we have Madame Deborah CarrĂ© from the duo CarreDucker based in England (the other member being James Ducker), Sweden 
has two ladies (Carina & Asa) in the shoemaking field. WS Foster & Son has currently Emma and Emiko, the latter from Japan, maybe in the near future both will venture into their own brand of bespoke shoemaking. 
When thinking of Florence in regards to bespoke shoemaking, names like Hidetaka Fukaja, late Stefano Bemer, Antonio Mannina and Roberto Ugolini comes to mind, now add Madame Saskia to the list. Madame Saskia Wittmer,  a Berlin born, moved to Florence and a student of late Stefano Bemer, runs the Saskia house in Florence (Italy).
Madame Saskia window and logo display in Florence (Italy)
A beautiful rendition of a co-respondent full brogue in brown and white
A full brogue Oxford in antiques polishing
A quarter brogue Oxford with a cap toe medallion
A classical black Oxford with a punched cap toe
A strapped loafer in exotic hide and the apron in white linen
A whole cut Oxford in black calf hide 
A Balmoral wing tip Oxford in calf and suede
Photos sourced from MerciMeLord, News about shoes and Necessities

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