Sunday, 14 July 2013

Salvatore Ambrosi bespoke trousers

I have been following Salvatore Ambrosi, the Naples based bespoke trouser maker for quite some time. I have to admit that I have not yet seen or held a pair of trousers from his hands, but I have to admit that what I see it is remarkable true artisanship. What makes the Ambrosi family operation so unique, is that they are focused on a niche product, making only trousers, bespoke trousers entirely by hand for their clients. It is not a mistake that the Ambrosi's are named, the "Ultimate Bespoke Trouser makers". So in short, a pair of Ambrosi made trousers, will be the ultimate you can get within the art of bespoke trouser making. I would not mind a few pairs of trousers from the Ambrosi's. 

A pair of trousers with side adjusters ready for the client

A pair of linen lavender blue trousers with side adjusters on their way to a client

Houndstooth trousers, side adjusters ready to go

Glen Urquart cloth trousers ready to go

Glen plaid trousers with side adjusters ready 

Large Glen Plaid cloth trousers ready 

Heavy Donnegal tweed for winter ready 
Glen Plaid trousers
 Houndstooth trousers
 Tweed trousers ready
 Another pair of Houndstooth cloth trousers ready to go 
 Cigar coloured linen trousers
 Another tweed trousers ready 
 Blue linen trousers 
Glen Plaid (Grey and blue) ready to go
Swatch samples to pick from
Photos sourced from Ambrosi Napoli and Style Forum

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