Friday, 5 July 2013

Dandy Shoe Care - EG Loafer & Full brogue

For the day I have sampled two pairs of shoes made by Edward Green of Northampton, England, and both pairs were treated under the artistic hands of Grand Wizard Patina designer and artist, Alexander Nurulaeff aka Dandy Shoe Care of Italy. I picked up these two as I like the movement, energy and drive in the patina colour that takes both pairs to higher dimensions, thus becoming unique shoes from Edward Green with the helping hand of the Dandy Shoe Care. Hmmm...nice touch from the Dandy Shoe Care.

For the Full brogue, the stitchings and punching are highlighted and you see not only the beauty of the shoe but also the movement of the colour in the hide, just fantastic. The same goes for the loafer, it is seldom you see the toe part of a loafer with a spit shine, that mirrored gloss. Master Alexander Nurulaeff kept a very good balance between the  the original tan colour of the loafer with new the new darker toning, bringing attention to the stitched apron. Nice energy in the loafer.

Edward Green Full brogue after a treatment by Dandy Shoe Care
 An Edward Green loafer after special treatment by Dandy Shoe Care
Photos sourced from The Dandy Shoe Care


  1. Love the work sir Alexander does.. It blows my mind what he can do with a shoe.. I'm debating wether to send him a shoe of mine I've lost faith in. It's not that I don't trust his work.. It's just the shoe reminds me of when I had no clue what I was doing when buying shoes and never to go down that route again... Bravo Alexander .. Amazing as usual..
    Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your comment. True that The Grand Wizard of Patina design performs magic on shoes. I am though a bit confused and concerned regarding sending a shoe which will remind you of the days when you were clueless and ...... If I were you not to mock the Grand Wizard, would buy a shoe of good quality and then trust in his skills. In my humble opinion that will be the best investment. Not to sound patronising, I am thinking of buying a whole cut from WS Foster in tan and have it directly sent to The Wizard and when done back to me.

    Hope my piece of mind was not offensive in anyway, as it was not the intent.

    Have a pleasant weekend.

    Best regards

    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  3. Oh I am not mocking him at all.. I have contacted Alexander and he said my shoes were suitable for patina. My comment was more or less about me being clueless as to what I was doing years ago when buying shoes and me keeping them in their current state was a reminder to me as to what's important in a shoe... Meaning those shoes have none of those qualities...

    I do not wear the specific pair anymore and thought that if anyone could make these shoes wearable again it would indeed be him. However, I wondered if by him fixing my mistake I would be 'hiding' my inspiration for shoes. He would transform my mistake into something wearable. When I currently look at my ugly shoes, I am reminded as to how thoughtful I must be in considering a new pair, the quality of leather, worksmanship, style, functionality, details etc... All of which are lacking in this discussed pair. And I kind of like having them around. My fear would be him transforming these shoes into something gorgeous and me losing some of that 'what got me here' in terms of buying shoes..

    Hope that makes sense! I would in no way mock Alexander.. I'm in complete awe of what he does.

  4. Hi Brad,

    Profound apologies if I misunderstood you. The explanation given makes sense and I will support. I am also happy to hear that you are in contact with the patina Grand Wizard. I am frankly looking forward to seeing your past mistakes. Thanks for the explanation and the journey to giving your past shoes a second life.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  5. Many thanks to Aristo Cat and all of you who follow my artistic career. I dedicate these Patina to all enthusiasts of the shoes.
    Best regards.