Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bespoke Tony Gaziano creations from EG time

Mr. Tony Gaziano of Gaziano and Girling (Kettering - England), was bespoke last maker and operated Edward Green's bespoke department before collaborating with Mr. Dean Girling to start the G and G bespoke shoe company in 2006. Mr Gaziano lasted and made some very beautiful bespoke shoes whilst at Edward Green, for the day I have collected two samples to share with you. Very elegant and timeless shoes, so well balanced.

Espresso or Mocca coloured semi brogues with medallion on a squared chisel toe
Side gusset with punch cap toe and a medallion, nice colour for the Summer. I will always recommend side gussets for those gents who travel a lot.
Photos sourced from Tony Gaziano

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