Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Crombie Overcoats for a gent

The Crombie mills has been producing luxury cloth since 1805. Crombie's cloth was commended by Queen Victoria and Napoleon III, Crombie's coats were favoured and welcomed by the Russian imperial court. It is said that when USSR party secretary Mr Gorbatsjov visited the UK in the eighties, he was wearing a coat made by Crombie. I can not verify that. The Duke of York, The Duke of Windsor, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Sir Winston Churchill and President John F. Kennedy were all Crombie wearers. 

There was a time not so long ago when the more dapper "Skinhead" subculture favoured Crombie as the garment of choice. Hmmm, stylish guys.

I sampled the below coats as they are readily available from Crombie and they look very good, timeless and stylish for any gent.

The Duke of York later King George VI, visiting the Crombie mills in 1932, dressed in a double breasted Crombie King overcoat made especially for him, bowler and well polished black oxfords.
Sir Churchill in a Herringbone Crombie coat, three piece suit, the iconic bow tie and a top hat. Not to forget the cigar.
Mr. Grant in a double breasted navy blue Crombie overcoat, grey three piece suit, a hat and suede oxford shoes.
Crombie's classic double breasted overcoat
 Crombie's Great overcoat
 Crombie's "The King coat" in camel revived from the 1932 model made for the Duke of York, later King George VI
Crombie "King coat" worn by actor Mr. Firth in the film The King's Speech from 2010, where Mr. Firth looks dapper.
 Crombie short camel double breasted overcoat
Crombie's retro coat with a velvet collar.
Pictures sourced from Crombie and Huh magazine

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