Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cary Grant - impeccable as always

Mr. Cary Grant looking very elegant, stylish and so classical not to mention impeccably dressed as always. Mr. Grant below depicted wearing a navy flannel chalk stripped double breasted suit, paired with a tie and a pocket square. It is season for warmer suiting cloth, so flannel is appropriate for the season to keep a gent warm. Shoes are of suede. Wonder for whom is he carrying the glass of milk? A lady perhaps..hmm will never know. An update: a reader made me aware that the photo is from a the movie "Suspicion" and the milk is for Joan Fontaine. Now we have that in place. (thanks) 
 Mr. Grant in a grey three piece suiting, a double breasted navy blue overcoat, holding a Homborg hat. Classical, stylish and timeless attire. The shoes are suede oxfords. 
Photo sourced from The culture concept and Pauw Mannen


  1. Hello, The film is "Suspicion", and the milk is for Joan Fontaine

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    First & foremost let me thank you for responding to my "query", secondly for informing me which movie it was and who the lady was, I appreciate that. I have not yet seen the named movie therefore my indirect quest. I will spare some time to watch the movie.

    Have a pleasant day.

    The Shoe Aristo Cat.

  3. Three piece suiting? Don't you just mean suit? Suiting is the fabric suits are made from. Don't confuse it with that marketing term fashion brands use to sound "cool".

    I'm curious where you found out that the overcoat was navy. Someone once said it was brown.

    Thanks for the great pictures. :)