Friday, 16 November 2012

GJ Cleverly - The Anthony Cleverley shoes

Mr. George Cleverley had an estranged relative known as Anthony Cleverley, who was also a bespoke shoemaker. Anthony Cleverley designed and created some very interesting shoes, amongst the shoes he designed and produced is the "De Rede" loafer, which today is offered as part of the Anthony Cleverley line at G.J. Cleverley house. No doubt that Mr. Anthony Cleverley had learned the bread and butter of the shoe making trade from the hard-core masters like Master George Cleverley and or Master Nikolaus Tuzcek himself. Some really beautiful pieces of art. Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

Master George J. Cleverley himself
Black brogued oxford as renditioned by Anthony Cleverley
 The "De Rede" loafer which was made for Baron Alexis De Rede and later named after him.
 The Anthony Cleverley brogued Derby
Photos sourced from Tumblr

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