Monday, 19 November 2012

Roberto Ugolini shoes from Florence

Florence, Italy has a number of bespoke shoemakers and one of them is Master Roberto Ugolini, who makes very beautiful shoes with an Italian splash and dash elegance. His workshop is in the heart of Florence. It is the price worth paying Master Ugolini's workshop a visit.

As it is Winter season I needed to add this two toned Balmoral wing tipped Brogue boot. Just beautiful.
A black stitched cap toe oxford, chisel squared toe and a burgundy brogue Derby. The colour of the Derby is very rich, would make a beautiful patina after some years.
 Two toned side gusset with a peaked cap toe, chisel squared toe, my favourite travelling shoe.
 Below the different sole work offered by Master Ugolini. First picture a very suppressed, slim waiste. Second and third picture the nail works on the soles
Photos sourced from Style Forum and Roberto Ugolini 


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