Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Paul Davies - Underrated English bespoke shoemaker

Bespoke boot and shoemaker Paul Davies of the London Shoemaker is an underrated bespoke shoe artisan and not so "appreciated". Surfing and researching the web does not give so many hits, very surprising as Mr. Paul Davies makes some very beautiful, traditional English styled shoes, so classic and timeless. Mr. Davies has been in the shoemaking business for over thirty years and learned the craft and art of making bespoke shoes from New and Lingwood, GJ Cleverley and WS Foster  before venturing and establishing his own business.
I encountered Mr. Davies about six or seven years ago when I was looking for a two toned Balmoral oxford and I saw the below depicted brown two toned Balmoral oxford and I was sold right there. I liked everything about this shoe, the last (rounded), the very rich brown colour combined with the brown suede. But along the process of looking and hunting for bespoke shoemakers, I "lost" him. A pity, but I rejoiced when I found him again. I therefore share with you shoe art from Master Davies. Enjoy.

The Usual Suspects line up from Mr. Davies
The two toned Balmoral oxford in brown leather and suede
Close up of the Balmoral oxford cap toe, so neat.
A brown brogued Adelaide oxford, punched cap toe and a medallion on the cap toe
Close up of the medallion on the cap toe, oh well done.
Photos courtesy of Paul Davis blog and Style Forum

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