Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Boot season - Carréducker boots

I have for the day sampled boots from the duo English bespoke boot and shoemakers Carréducker. I have been following the two artisans for some time now and I was fascinated by their rendition of the two toned button Balmoral boot or "Spat Boot". I do not know how many times I have stated that I am a sucker for boots and especially button Balmoral boots in all versions, so I was not going to miss  the opportunity of sharing the two toned button Balmoral boots from Carréducker with you.

Brogued oxford boot
 Details of the heel with very interesting brogueing/hole punching.
 Black and tan coloured Derby saddle boot.
 Derby saddle boot
Details of the saddle part
 Whole-cut alligator boot
Spat boot or button Balmoral boot (two toned). Now these are my favourite boots, which are rarely seen today. 
Photos sourced from Carréducker blog

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