Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Giacopelli bespoke shoes from Parma

I recently came across bespoke boot and shoemaker Giacopelli from Parma, Italy. The Giacopelli house produces bespoke for both ladies and gents. The house has been producing shoes since 1976.
Their products are elegant, traditional mens shoes, very stylish and timeless. What caught my eye and interest in the Giacopelli offerings, was the very beautiful patina renditioned on almost all of the Giacopelli's products. 
I am almost certain that there is some collaboration between The Dandy Shoe Care and the Giacopelli house.  Why so ? Both the Dandy Shoe Care and Giacopelli are from Parma and a careful inspection of the patina seems to bear the indisputable dna evidence from Master patina Alexander Nurulaeff. 

Enjoy and inspect these beauties. 

Adelaide oxford with a punched cap toe
 Burgundy or oxblood stitched cap toe oxford

Tan patina whole cut oxford 
Brown full brogue with antiqued patina
Two toned full brogue spectator

Stingray single monk
Tassel slip-on
Country two toned boots in leather and crocodile, Norvegese welting
 Furred oxford country boots in leather and crocodile, Norvegese welting.
Photos sourced from Giacopelli

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