Thursday, 15 November 2012

Hats for the Winter - Homborg / Lobbia and Ushanka

Until the mid sixties most men wore hats in the Western countries. No man would leave his door steps without this head gear. At present it is very rare to encounter a man wearing a hat on a daily basis, except for the baseball caps seen all over. Hmm, let us leave the baseball caps for the baseball fields.  Apologies, no offence.

This brings me to the topic of the day, a formal hat for the Winter to keep my head warm with an accessory that is classic, stylish and will compliment my Theatre, Opera attire or just going about doing my business in a stylish and classical manner. 

Mr. Sven Raphael Schneider of the Gentleman's Gazette wrote a very interesting and well researched article on the Homborg hat, Lobbia and The Lords hat, if you are interested.

I have in mind the Lobbia or the Homborg hat, the latter as illustrated by Mr. Fellows below. I could opt for both hat styles though they are very close to each other in style.
Sir Churchill in a Homborg hat, (navy blue/black) with iconic bow tie. 
The Duke of Windsor in a Homborg hat

Lobbia hat from Cappelleria Malegeri a hat maker in Italy.

For those very cold days when I do need to venture out and keep the head and ears covered and cool though looking dapper, I am opting for the Russian "Ushanka" hat in Astrakhan wool. I assume this must be the ultimate Winter hat to keep a gent warm.

Astrakhan fur hat

Mr.  Harald Macmillan(USA) and Mr. Nikita Krushchev (USSR) in 1964 wearing the Ushanka hats and astrakhan furred coats.
 President Ford (USA) and Mr. L. Breshnyev (USSR) wearing the ushankas, the latter in an astrakhan wool/fur.
Photos sourced from Gentleman's Gazette, Cappelleria Melegari, Superstock and EU arts


  1. Sorry to be a pest, but you're wrong on all of these pictures except the old of Gerald Ford. Ushanka literally means "ear hat"

    All of these pictures are of wedge caps. The Ushanka is tied on the top, or tied around the chin. It's a classy hat, and worth getting right.

  2. And Harold Macmillan was the British Prime Minister. It is said HM wore a white hat to provoke the Russians.