Saturday, 8 June 2013

Co-respondent shoes (Spectators) by Master Cliff Roberts of Northampton

It has been a while that I mentioned something from Master Cliff Roberts from Northampton (England), the one man bespoke operation. It so happened I was on my Face Book account and I realised that I am outdated with what is happening or taking place.
Long story short, I found these two lovely co-respondent (spectators) by Master Cliff Roberts. Both shoes are Adelaide Oxfords, the burgundy and white in a squared chisel toe last and the black and white in a round toe last.

According to the story, the co-respondent shoe was a John Lobb design from 1868, made for the cricketing sport, but first became popular in the 1920's and 1930's (think The Great Gatsby, Gangster's of the time Al Capone and Jazz musicians). What an era.

It is also claimed that the popularity of the co-respondent was due to the HRH Duke Of Windsor (HRH The Prince of Wales) when he wore a tan and white co-respondent pair of shoes during a visit to the USA in 1925 and further popularised them as golf shoes in 1937.

The co-respondent comes in a many varieties such as full brogue Oxfords, Adelaide Oxford's, Derby's, Norwegian split toes and can also be constructed as loafers or slippers. The DNA of the co-respondent is that it comes in two colour combination for example, black and white, brown and white, tan and white etc. Originally  the co-respondent was constructed of willow calf and white buck or reverse calf suede. The white part was sometimes made from mesh material, to offer better ventilation in hot weather. So what does it tell, the co-respondent must be part of the Summer shoe arsenal for any gent who cares, just a bit.

HRH The Duke of Windsor kicking rugby in a double breasted suit paired with co-respondent shoes. Cool aristocrat gent. 
Much talk and .....let us see the rendition of the co-respondant by Master Cliff Roberts. 

The co-respondent, an Adelaide Oxford shoe in dark brown (burgundy) and white, punched cap toe with a medallion, a soft chisel squared toe last. A real good looking shoe from Master Cliff Roberts. I like the colour combination. Well done, as always Master Cliff.
A black and white co-respondant (Adelaide Oxford), punched cap toe on rounded last, just beautiful.
Photos sourced from Master Roberts FB profile

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